How to create a website that understands humans?

In the tech world, you are going to overhear conversations about UX and UI designs or other mysterious tech terms all the time. Here at Webglare Studio, we talk to our clients in the most straightforward language, so they understand what is essential for their e-commerce business or website. How do you create a website that understands humans, then? We believe that we can do it. What does it mean, though? Sit back and keep reading!



User Experience Design (UX)

For someone who can hear UX design for the first time, Laura Klein, author of UX for Lean Startups and Build Better Products explains it as the following;

“UX design is the process used to determine what the experience will be like when a user interacts with your product.”

Still not convinced? Let us help you..

Case study: You have a great product, and you need a website to attract new clients. What do you do? 

Find the right web design agency for your project! It’s no secret that web designing starts with a lot of “behind the scenes” actions. For someone who isn’t in the web designing field, this might be a challenging project. Why is UX design essential? When we design websites for our clients, we study their products and services, their consumer behaviour, and we define a process (UX design) that helps their customers to receive a fruitful buying experience. UX design sets the process. When we design websites, it’s almost like reading the minds of potential buyers. We believe that websites that understand humans help to convert visitors into new customers. For anyone who is starting their new business venture or anyone who would like to have their website or e-commerce optimized by us, fill out our contact form, and we will get back to you! 


User Interface Design (UI)

Here we have another term, which plays a crucial role in web page designing. UI design is a complement of UX design. It is the look and feel of your website or e-commerce store. When you synchronize UX with UI designs right, you create a masterpiece that speaks to your target audience and is visually attractive. A good UI design seamlessly invites your website visitors to interact with your business; it includes features such as buttons, graphics, icons and everything that give your visitors a pleasant experience which eventually invites them to add to cart, go to checkout and click on the pay button. Get inspired by some of our project work here! 



UX and UI design is the foundation of your website or e-commerce. A deep understanding of UX and UI are necessary when you have your website created. That’s why we don’t recommend you do it without professional help if you have no previous knowledge of UX and UI design. Our team learn about your business from the insight out so they can develop a unique website for your brand that converts new visitors to customers.


Would you like to have a website that understands humans?