How to Increase E-Commerce Sales

E-commerce, A.K.A. internet commerce or electronic commerce, is the process of purchasing and selling goods or services via the internet. In order to complete these transactions, money and data are transferred.

Why is E-commerce that crucial? You may ask. The reason is, E-commerce significantly saves consumers’ time and money. This literally cuts down the necessity of visiting a physical store and making physical transactions. Especially at an unprecedented time like this, E-commerce accommodates fast, easy, and convenient transactions for the sellers and buyers.

Whether it’s a big corporation or a small business, knowing the proper ways to increase e-commerce sales always come in handy. So, here’s how to increase e-commerce sales that will benefit your business.



#1 Using Paid Traffic to increase e-commerce sales

Paid traffic is an ideal way to generate e-commerce sales. What this basically does is, redirecting the visitors to your website through ads, sponsored content or paid search. When a potential lead clicks on such a source, they can land on one of your website’s pages.

According to, Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads and
Twitter Ads are some of the best, paid traffic sources that you can opt for.
However, in order to generate e-commerce sales, you must invest in paid traffic with proper know-how on the subject.

The most viable option is to start off with a campaign that demands less amount of money. Think of your first campaign as a trial. If it doesn’t go as planned you can improve your approach and try again without a huge loss.

The next crucial step is to generate a buyer persona. As defined in, buyer personas can be considered as semi-fictional representations of your ideal customers. These are obtained by data and research. Speaking of which, this can be achieved by acquiring buyer emails and sending them surveys. Coupon codes or giveaways can nudge the users, to be honest, and show more participation in these surveys as well.

These help you focus on the qualified prospects and take care of the needs of your target customers. Simply put, you’ll get a better understanding of your buyer, hence you can develop your campaigns better to cater to their needs.

On the other hand, the comprehension of different online platforms is a must. For instance, according to Smart Insights Study, Google controls 67.78% of the search engine market which makes Google ads highly competitive than Amazon, Facebook, and Instagram. So, you should choose the correct platform according to your target audience.

Conversion tracking is another fundamental part of paid traffic. When you set up conversion tracking you get a clear idea of your campaign performance. This way you can track whether your campaign delivers the expected results.

Making sure that you use the correct keywords, interests, etc. from time to time is another wise approach to reach the target consumers and eventually improve e-commerce sales.

#2 Retargeting

According to Neil Patel, if you’re lucky, only 5 out of 100 visitors will purchase from a website from the first visit. If not, it comes down to 1-3 people out of 100 visitors. When it comes to retargeting or remarketing, Facebook ads and Google ad words are the main ones.

With the retargeting process, you’re going to constantly show ads about your brand wherever your previous customer goes on the web by Pixeling them. It’s basically a friendlier way to stalk people around and promote your business. . Become a storyteller and inspire people you don’t even know! 

With this technique, you’re trying to show your product or service and direct your leads back to your website to generate e-commerce sales. So, when the person who didn’t previously buy from you sees a new ad saying the price dropped, they may come back to your website and purchase from you. This is why retargeting is one of the most exceptional ways to increase e-commerce sales.


#3 Have a top-notch sales funnel 

Sales funnel is the entire process of leading your potential customers to become a buying customer. However, your sales funnel should be convincing at every stage to improve e-commerce sales. Otherwise, they’ll convert elsewhere without purchasing from you.
In order to augment the consumers’ trust levels:

    • Display all your product/ service reviews whether they are optimistic or pessimistic. The reason is, customers tend to scrutinize product reviews prior to making a purchasing decision. This will encourage them to trust in your brand.


    • Have a customer service docket at all times to respond to customer inquiries, suggestions, complaints, etc. This way you’re there to support your customers every step of the way. Installing live chat on your website is the best option to achieve this.


  • Display trust badges and testimonials from customers who previously had satisfying experiences with you. Place these directly on the checkout page in order to ensure a secure payment process.


#4 Have a clear checkout process

Having a seamless checkout process is one of the best ways to increase e-commerce sales of your website. Complicated checkout processes are dissuasive, hence your customers will abandon their carts and look for other sites that have easier checkout processes.

  • Getting rid of the mandatory login or membership in order to continue the purchase,
  • Upselling during the checkout process to introduce products that may have been missed by the customer,
  • Making the checkout mobile-friendly,
  • Using a progress indicator to hint the user where they are currently at in the process,
  • Having common methods of payments,
  • Only asking for essential information,

are some of the ways to succeed at this.

#5 Tell your customers why your products are crucial

Including the benefits of the products on your website shouldn’t be overlooked. The consumers like to be answered for all their questions prior to them adding an item to the cart.
High-quality product photographs shot against contrasting backgrounds and short videos can further increase the credibility of your products to generate e-commerce sales. These can demonstrate the real quality of the products which will skyrocket your sales.


If you were wondering how to increase e-commerce sales, these above-mentioned tips are some of the proven ways that can support you get ahead. So, if you want to improve e-commerce sales that will boom your business, don’t forget to enhance these areas of your website.