Why do you need a social media strategy?

Are you wondering how you can effectively drive traffic to your website or e-commerce store? Be consistent. Offer value. Engage. Entertain. And most of all – have an excellent social media strategy. But first, you need to set up your social media accounts and do some research. Stick around for a bit. We are going to list four main reasons why you need to have a social media strategy.


What is a social media strategy?

A social media strategy defines how your target audience is going to feel about your brand, products or services. It takes time to create content that is designed to reach your goals, which could be – increasing brand awareness and your monthly income, of course.



Benefits of having a social media strategy

#1 Business Image.

Online presence is essential. You are tired of hearing this; we know that, but let’s not forget that only recently many businesses needed to move online involuntarily due to the pandemic and not everyone was prepared to do so. Many companies went into bankruptcy; a lot of people lost their jobs and started looking for new opportunities to make their living online. If you want to run with the big dogs – your business needs to have a digital presence.

With social media growth, you can reach a wider audience. How to come across on all your social media platforms, including your website, is vital.

 Did you know that social media strategy can help you to stay organised? Or you can keep coming back to your content calendar, repurpose your old content or bring past posts back to live again. We know, it might be overwhelming to think what your social media strategy should be and how it should resonate with what you do. Watch a quick tutorial on how to create your content calendar created by Hootsuite experts or speak to us! Our team loves everything about online presence, and we can help you to ask the right questions! We have a solution for every client and for every budget.


#2 It saves you time.

Nobody wants to walk in circles. Do you agree? Then say NO to days when you keep staring at your screen and thinking about what to post next. Don’t post just for the sake of it either. It is never going to work on a long term run, and it doesn’t help to keep your motivation level up at all. Besides, time is precious. We all need more time for everything in our lives. Yes. It might be daunting and super time consuming to think about social media strategy and create a content calendar at first, but once you have it done, you’ll start building your community around your brand. It’s like adding spices to a pot and starting cooking; soon after you can enjoy a lovely dish – if you are a good chef!

If you are expecting to see a rapid increase in your followers overnight, though – we need to make this clear right away. Not only consistency is essential, but your patience too. Start small and grow big step by step. The good news is that you are never late to the game. Social media strategies are changing all the time, so you can start today and stay on track to keep up with the latest trends. Become a storyteller and inspire people you don’t even know! 

And if you are struggling to find time to create your very own content calendar, our social media professionals are here to help you.


#3 It can help you to increase your monthly income. 

Are you chasing your clients, or are your clients chasing you? If you are hunted, congratulations! If not, don’t worry. We are here to help you. With an excellent social media strategy, you can talk to your audience much more effectively and increase your monthly income too. How? Let’s say you are owning an e-commerce store and selling luxurious clothing brands for women. With an excellent social media strategy, you can plan your content upfront and stay focused on engagement which may help you to generate more sales leads. You can plan your social media campaigns better and attract more women to your e-commerce store. Why not dedicate some time to your social media strategy so you can spend more time with your potential clients, generate more sales leads and increase your monthly income! Or contact one of us!


#4 It can help you to reach your business goals.

Are you hoping to increase your brand awareness? Maybe you would like to build a community. Whatever reason you may have, it’s good to know that social media strategy can help you to reach your business goals. Not only that, once you start monitoring your stats you will be able to analyze what works and what doesn’t. If you work towards a goal, you have a higher chance to succeed. If you are walking in circles, without a structured strategy, you may become really stressed and hate what you do.